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Mention the topic of Iran in casual conversation and more likely than not the monotonous array of media topics will arise. Typing Iran into a google search will pull up topics such as “Iran’s Revolution” or “Iran Contra.” Most people probably haven’t heard the words “Iran” and “travel” in the same sentence. Indeed, having heard the same things over and over about Iran one would be excused for not viewing Iran as anything but monotone. While traveling extensively throughout his native Iran in the summer of 2011, founders Sadra Azimi and his wife Laura Kellogg were amazed to see with so many historical and natural sites how little tourists there were in Iran. Brimming with ancient history, cultural experiences and unparalleled hospitality and so much more, how has Iran remained a secret to travelers?

Superficially there might seem many reasons to explain why there are not many travelers trekking through Iran. In reality there are only a few barriers for foreign tourists interested in exploring Iran. One of the biggest barriers is a lack of resources for travelers interested in Iran to use to plan their trip. Named after the Farsi word for thrill and excitement, Hayahoo Tours was created to help travelers get inspired to travel to Iran while giving them all the resources they need to start their trip. Whether you want to uncover Iran with a large group or independently with a couple of your close friends, see the major attractions or go off the beaten track, Hayahoo Tours gives travelers the option to see Iran how they want to see it. Hayahoo Tours allows travelers to customize their tour how they like and in doing so build the trip of a lifetime

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