Tehran The Lively Modern Capital of Iran
  • attraction and activitysHiking and Ski trips
  • climateSpring and Fall are the best times to visit
  • servicesDaily tours, airport transfers, driver and guide service

Cradled at the foot of the Alborz mountain range, the city of Tehran is a sprawling metropolis whose uninterrupted expansion advances in each cardinal direction from the heart of downtown. Whether riding a metro to shop

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Top Attractions
Features: Skiing Hiking Museums Architecture Mountains
Shiraz Romantic capital of Iran, the city of nightingales and poetry
  • attraction and activitysDaily tours and treks around the city
  • climateBest during spring and fall
  • servicesDaily tours and guides

Shiraz perfectly encompasses the heart and soul of Iran. One cannot truly appreciate the beauty and spirit of Iranian cultural identity without first visiting the lush valley of Fars province where Shiraz is the capital.

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Top Attractions
Features: Hiking Museums Architecture
Esfahan Charming Safavid capital. The most beautiful city in Iran
  • attraction and activitysTreks to the desert
  • climateBest in the Spring and Fall
  • servicesDaily Tours, Local Guides, Transfers

If you tell an Iranian that you are on your way to Esfahan he or she is likely to say “Esfahan nesef-e jahan ast - Esfahan is half the world.” Throughout its history, Esfahan (also spelled Isfahan) has remained one o

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Top Attractions
Features: Hiking Museums Architecture Mountains
Yazd Adobe Wonder in the Middle of the Desert
  • attraction and activitysDaily treks to the desert
  • climateBest March to May and October to November
  • servicesDaily tours and guides

The beautiful ancient architecture of the city of Yazd, it’s rich history and Zoroastrian heritage, as well as the hospitable people of Yazd, make travel to Yazd one of the most exciting parts of a trip to Iran. Ou

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Top Attractions
Features: Camping Hiking Museums Architecture
Qeshm Persian Gulf Island unlike any other
  • climateBest from Fall to Early Spring
  • servicesTreks to all Villages and Natural Attractions
  • notesFerries to Bandar Abbas and Hormuz Island

Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf. Beyond the beauty of its pearls, the island’s collection of natural wonders will amaze any traveler to its shores

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Top Attractions
Features: Beaches Hiking Architecture
Kashan Charming oasis in the desert with beautiful gardens and mansions
  • attraction and activitysBeautiful Historic Bazaar
  • climateBest during early spring and fall
  • servicesDaily Tours and Desert Voyages

Throughout its history, the city of Kashan was famous for the quality and splendor of its manufactured tiles. So famous were the tiles from Kashan

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Top Attractions
Features: Museums Architecture
Tabriz Northeastern trading hub and ethnic capital of Iranian Azeris
  • attraction and activitysDaily treks to monastic ensembles and Kandovan
  • climateBest in March-October
  • servicesDaily guided tours

Since the thirteenth century, Tabriz has served as a capital during different eras of rule due to its proximity to the Ottoman Empire and Russia. Over the centuries, Tabriz never lost its strategical value. While not tec

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Top Attractions
Features: Skiing Hiking Museums Mountains
Kerman Historic trade hub of southeast Iran
  • attraction and activitysTreks into the desert and nearby towns
  • climateBest in March-May and September-November
  • servicesDaily tours and guide

Kerman has remained the most important city in southeastern Iran since it was founded more than 1,500 years ago. The city prospered as a major trading hub throughout various periods of Iranian history illustrated by its

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Top Attractions
Features: Camping Hiking Museums Architecture Mountains