Travel to Kashan to experience one of Iran’s most charming small cities. This historic oasis town is very easily accessible from Tehran and is a great addition to any Iran travel itinerary. The well preserved historic quarter of the city is filled with charming houses, many of which have been converted into boutique hotels and lodges. The historic villages surrounding the city also offer wonderful travel experiences. The village of Ghamsar is famous for rose water distillation. Travel to Kashan arranged during the rose water festival of Kashan is a wonderful opportunity to experience this unique tradition. The historic village of Abyaneh is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran. Enrich your travel to Kashan by visiting this historic village that has maintained its culture for more than a thousand years.

Throughout its history, the city of Kashan was famous for the quality and splendor of its manufactured tiles. So famous were the tiles from Kashan that the Farsi word for tile kashi derives its name from the city. While visiting the monuments in Kashan, there will be no doubt as to why. Kashan is an oasis in the desert between Iran’s modern capital Tehran and historical capital Esfahan and holds great cultural and historic significance. Throughout Iran’s history, many kings and nobles were attracted to this charming ancient city and were inspired to build their own mansions and gardens as a home away from home. These dazzling architectural masterpieces are not to be missed. It is not difficult to imagine what life must have been like for Qajar nobility as many of these mansions have been reconfigured as boutique hotels.
Settlements around Kashan date back over 9,000 years and many artifacts recovered there are on display at the Louvre, the MET and Iran’s National Museum. Some accounts even name Kashan as the home of one of the three wise men (or maji). Kashan is known throughout the world for the manufacture of its famous carpets, silk and textiles. Walk through the historic Kashan bazaar and see these masterpieces of Persian craft.
The elegant mansions located in Kashan each contain exquisite detailing that makes them classic examples of Iranian residential architecture. After visiting these manor houses, stroll through the mesmerizing Fin Garden. Originally created by Shah Abbas I, the garden was created representing his vision of paradise. Modified later during the Qajar era, today Fin Garden collectively with other famous gardens in Iran are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
What to eat during travel to Kashan:
Kashan has a variety of local pastries to sweeten your trip while visiting this oasis. Pastries include Koloocheh a celebrated local specialty, as well as Haji Badoom and different types of Baklavas. Kashan also has a variety of delicious local dishes that are best experienced at a local’s home so be sure to accept local’s invitations to dinner!


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Fin Garden

With its serene atmosphere, old cedars and spring-fed pools and fountains, the Fin garden in Kashan is the best example of the splendor of Persian gar READ MORE

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Wht to buy during Travel to Kashan

While Kashan’s world famous carpets will make a fine addition to any home, Kashan is also known in Iran for its Rose Water and other Araghijat (herbal essences and aromatics). A trip through Kashan’s historic bazaar will entice you with a variety of goods.