Travel to Qeshm is a major highlight for travelers to Iran that like adventure and the outdoors. The beautiful Island of Qeshm and its nearby neighbors of Hormuz and Hengam are the ideal travel destination in the Persian Gulf. The distinct bandari culture of the region gives travel to Qeshm a completely different flavor from travel to other destinations in Iran. Outdoorsy travelers that want to experience a beach destination with warm weather year-round must travel to Qeshm.

Known throughout centuries in the region for its valuable pearls, Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf. Beyond the beauty of its pearls, the island’s collection of natural wonders will amaze any traveler to its shores. Visitors interested in Iran’s natural beauty must travel to Qeshm to discover all of its amazing sights. This ecologically diverse island is home to the only global geopark in the Middle East. Practically a stone’s throw away, this island is located a few kilometers from mainland Iran. Amongst its assortment of natural beauty Qeshm has to offer are: pristine beaches, diverse wildlife and geological gems. These qualities make Qeshm a wonderful destination for all spring, fall, and winter tours to Iran.

Explore the stunning Chahkooh Valley when you travel to Qeshm and feel as if you have been transported to a different world. As you scuba dive in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, discover bright colorful coral reefs that sit underneath the surface. Who knows, you might find your own souvenir pearl to take home with you! Trek through the island’s lush mangrove forests. Go barefooted as you walk on the soft, white sand of Qeshm’s beaches. Don’t be surprised as you see dolphins swim past. Ask a fisherman for a lift on his boat to get a closer view. Visit the longest salt cave in the world and see the beautiful crystalline natural sculptures made over thousands of years. ِOnce you’ve worked up an appetite feast on fresh seafood. Then as the night approaches, go to the Valley of Stars and gaze upon the purest night sky as the heavens floats above you. For those who love the outdoors, a visit to Qeshm is a must.
Since the majority of the population of Qeshm are ethnically Arabs, the island has a culture all its own. The majority of Qeshm’s local economy revolves around fishing and the construction of traditional sea vessels called lenj. These wooden boats are exceptional in their design and have been named as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. On your tour to Qeshm visit a local workshop to learn firsthand about this unique craftsmanship.

What to eat when you Travel to Qehsm:

Qeshm is famous for its incredible seafood, and you are highly encouraged to sample all the local specialties when you travel to Qeshm. Try all the different varieties of Tamoushi bread, a flatbread made with various sweet and savory ingredients. Try Qelye Mahi and Meygoo, Kooli, Do Piaze, all delicious local seafood specialties.


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Valley of Stars

One of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island, the Valley of Stars features a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over READ MORE

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What to Buy during travel to Qeshm

Like most other places in Iran, Qeshm has its own style of handicrafts. Browse the local markets to see the charming varieties of handicrafts. Also specific to Qeshm are jewelry and other handicrafts made using sea shells.