The beautiful ancient architecture of the city of Yazd, it’s rich history and Zoroastrian heritage, as well as the hospitable people of Yazd, make travel to Yazd one of the most exciting parts of a trip to Iran. Outside the city, you can enhance your travel to Yazd by going on a safari in the deserts outside the city and enjoying the clear starry sky.

Constructing a city in the middle of the desert, where there are no elements for life to thrive, defies all human logic. Yet ingenuity and perseverance have made Yazd one of the oldest cities in the world and travel to Yazd a highlight of any trip to Iran. The architecture of Yazd is a testament to human spirit. The oldest system of air conditioning known to humanity has been used in this city to make life flourish in the harsh desert climate. The windcatchers badgirs are a prominent feature of Yazd’s skyline. These structures channel the wind down to underground water storages and redirect the cooled air back to the residence. Resplendent with fascinating adobe architecture, the old city makes visitors think they have entered a different planet. Long narrow alleys formed by the thick and towering walls from houses on either side provide you with most needed shade as you explore the city. Get lost in the old town and you will feel transformed into a different point of time. Feel like a distinguished guest as you stay in one of the majestic old houses turned into guest homes and hotels.
The city has many architectural masterpieces that are a must see. The beautiful Amir Chakhmagh Complex and the Jame Mosque are the most prominent. However, there are many gems of desert architecture hidden in various alleys of Yazd. Visit the Water Museum to learn about the ingenuine Qanat method of irrigation that made life possible and prosper in one of the hottest deserts on earth.
In a country known for hospitality, the people of Yazd are known as being especially hospitable. Zoroastrian religion has very deep roots in the city of Yazd. During your travel to Yazd, make sure to see the Towers of Silence and the Zoroastrian Temple to learn about one of the oldest religions in the world. Be sure to try some of Yazd’s famous pastries during your travel to Yazd. Often packaged for visitors on the go, these pastries would make an excellent gift for any Iranian that happens to invite you to their house or family and friends back home.
What to eat during your travel to Yazd:
Yazdi Pastries: These delicate desserts are famous and popular all around Iran. Make sure to visit Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar pastry shop where you most likely have to stand in a line to get fresh pastries, but it will be worth your while. Also, try the Tahini Arde that is a specialty in Yazd.


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Amir Chakhmagh Complex

A trip to Iran is incomplete without visiting Yazd and a trip to Yazd is incomplete without visiting Amir Chakhmaq Complex, a remarkable 15th century READ MORE

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What to buy during your travel to Yazd

Termeh fabrics are a specialty in the city of Yazd. Traditional Yazdi pastries are also a delicacy that Iranians travel hundreds of kilometers for.