Iranian Odyssey
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On this in-depth tour of Iran, you will discover the most significant destinations and attractions in the country in addition to the different facets of Iranian Life. Along the way, you will see incredible landscapes that will take your breath away, meet some of the most hospitable people in the world, and make long-lasting memories. This journey to Iran is designed to allow for travelers to really immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of Iran. Along the way, you will explore some of the most beautiful examples of Islamic Architecture in the world, explore historic Persian gardens and stroll through stunning palaces. You will also explore the beautiful desert landscape of the Lut Desert in Shahdad and the fertile valleys of Zagros Mountains. You will explore picturesque Iranian villages where you can hike with locals and pick off wild fruits and nuts.

  • Shiraz

    Shiraz perfectly encompasses the heart and soul of Iran. One cannot truly appreciate th

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  • Kerman

    Kerman has remained the most important city in southeastern Iran since it was founded m

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  • Yazd

    The beautiful ancient architecture of the city of Yazd, it's rich history and Zoroastrian

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  • Esfahan

    If you tell an Iranian that you are on your way to Esfahan he or she is likely to say

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  • Kashan

    Throughout its history, the city of Kashan was famous for the quality and splendor of i

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  • Tehran

    Cradled at the foot of the Alborz mountain range, the city of Tehran is a sprawling met

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Trip Itinerary

Days 1-3 Shiraz and Fars Valley

We will explore the historic city of Shiraz and learn about its important place in Iranian history, culture, and literature. Our visit to Shiraz will include the Mausoleum of Hafiz, the Karimkhan Citadel, Nasir Al Mulk Mosque, Eram Garden, Shah Cheragh shrine and the Bazaar of Vakil.
In the following day, we will go on an excursion to the Fars valley around Shiraz. There we will meet with a tribe of nomads in the middle of their migration. We will also visit small villages outside of Shiraz to experience rural life in Iran. We will then visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae outside of Shiraz.

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque - Shiraz (Iran)

Days 4-6 Kerman

We will fly to Kerman from Shiraz and start our exploration of this ancient trade hub in the southeast of Iran. Visit the historic heart of the city at the Ganjali Khan Square. In the following days, we will go on excursions outside of the city to discover this historic area. We will visit the breathtaking Kaluts of Shahdad on our exploration of the Lut Desert. We will visit the oasis towns of Mahan and Rayen to learn about their history. In Mahan, we will visit the famous Shahzadeh Garden and Nematollah Vali mausoleum. We will drive to Bam to explore the city’s famous citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Yardangs of Kerman, Iran

Days 7-8 Yazd

We will continue our tour to the city of Yazd after a scenic drive through the desert. In Yazd, we will explore the historic neighborhood of the city and learn about the city’s resilience and survival in very harsh elements. Zoroastrian religion has a special place in Yazd and we will learn about the place of Zoroastrianism in Iranian culture. We will visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence in addition to the Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd.

Days 9-11 Esfahan

We will drive to Esfahan and stop in the historic towns of Meybod and Naein on the way to Esfahan. Our three day extended stay in Esfahan means that we can take our time to immerse ourselves in this magical historic city. We will visit the Naqsh e Jahan Square and all the attractions that surround it. Stroll through the historic bazaars. Visit the incredible mosques of the city and have an in-depth tour of the Armenian quarter of the city in the Jolfa district. We will learn about the Safavid era and why it was such a significant period of time in Iranian history

Day 12 Kashan

On the way to Kashan from Esfahan, we will make a stop at the village of Abyaneh, a picturesque village with well preserved ancient traditions. We will then visit the historic city of Kashan its bazaar, its historic mansions and gardens.

Days 13-15 Tehran

We will end our journey with a 3-day tour of Tehran. We will visit the bustling downtown and shop at the grand bazaar of Tehran before visiting the Golestan Palace. We will explore the nightlife districts and neighborhoods of Tehran for a distinct experience in the city. In the following days, we will visit the palaces and the posh neighborhoods in the north of the city. We will also visit the beautiful historic villages of Darband and Darakeh and get a perspective of how this huge metropolis was formed as surrounding villages were absorbed. You will then be transferred to the International Airport for departure.


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  • Visit the Qashqai nomads on the Zagros foothills
  • Sun rise at the Kaluts of Shahdad is sure to take your breath away
  • Home visits in the villages of Iran
  • Tailored culinary experience of diverse local cuisine
Important Notes

  • Trip starts in Shiraz. You can book your ticket directly to Shiraz. If you prefer to fly to Tehran, we can arrange for your transfer to Shiraz at additional cost.
  • Headscarves are mandatory for women while in Iran.
  • Extend your trip to other destinations in Iran with our short trip extensions.
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  • Meals

    All meals are included at hand picked restaurants and some home cooked meals

  • Transportation

    All transfer and transit in private car, flight between Shiraz and Kerman

  • Accomodation

    14 nights at hotels

  • Activities

    • Visit of Qashqai nomads in their settlement

    • Hike the Kaluts of Shahdad

    • All sightseeing in the itinerary

    • Visits to workshops and artist studios

    • Additional meals

    • Activities not included in the itinerary

    • Extra charges at hotels e.g. room service and laundry

    • Optional additional gratuities