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My Trip to Iran

Persia – what the name alone conjured up for me! The greatness of the vast and civilized Persian Empire….Cyrus who freed the Israelites from exile in Babylon; Persepolis; Zoroastrianism; oil and the Western powers after WWI; the Shah Reza Pahlavi; the American Embassy hostage crisis followed by the the Islamic Revolution; just to mention some highlights I

This would be my dream trip finally realized in October 2017.

And here is what I experienced:
Extraordinary people, welcoming and friendly, wanting to talk and share photos
Glimpses of the extraordinary history covering millennia from Persepolis to modern chaotic
From centuries of mosques and gardens to historical museums covering the rise and fall of the
From amazing food and music and bazaars filled with artisans and their ancient crafts available for sale (and buy I did) The history of an amazing civilization as I had expected and and then some….

From Shiraz in the south we traveled to Kerman, Esfahan, Yazd, Abyaneh, Kashan, and Tehran.
FromTehran to Qeshm, an island(UNESCO site) in the Persian Gulf at the Strait of Hormuz.

What did I bring home?
At least 1000 photographs
Rugs and Persian miniatures
A deep gratitude to the Persian people who were always friendly and inclusive (I was never,
ever afraid)
An eye-opening understanding of the value of adventure and willingness to accept
Memories of a journey utterly remarkable in its breadth and historical importance

My message:
I am grateful to those to who planned this experience for me on both sides of the divide
It was worth it it to me in every sense
I enthusiastically recommend travel to Iran: people are generous and are happy to share smiles
and conversations in any way they can

Janis M

Fantastic group trip to Iran

Sadra helped us create a wonderful and memorable trip for me and my 5 friends to Iran. Our guide Hamid was amazing and arranged so many things for us outside the travel schedule and was  great at granting special requests. The hotels we stayed at were wonderful and unique. It was incredible to stay at beautiful historic houses, really felt like we were traveling back in time.
Sadra made the visa process so easy for us. We had heard so many horror stories about Iran visas but they made it so convenient. The people in our group were all Americans but a few of us were in other countries. Sadra helped us get our visas in the embassy that was closet to each one of us and that saved a lot of hassle for our group.
Our group are big foodies and we had the most incredible meals during our trip. I recommend Hayahoo Tours to anyone who wants to go to Iran!

Albert M

Our 2016 trip to Iran

Our 2016 trip to Iran organized by Hayahoo Tours was one of my best travel experiences. The incredibly friendly people of Iran, amazing food, history, and architecture of Iran all left a lasting memory in my heart. I highly recommend Hayahoo Tours, they helped us get our visas much faster than we expected from reading other people’s experiences and were always there for us to answer questions. Everything was very well organized in Iran and our guides were wonderful. Our drivers were amazing and having a good driver in Iran is very important!

Jeanine A

We wanted something completely different, we got something completely different! In a good way!

Our group wanted a completely different trip from the common travel itineraries to Iran. We wanted an active vacation with lots of hikes, camping, and walks in the desert. We worked with Sadra for a month to plan the perfect trip. He was very flexible with us and really walked us through building our trip. We entered Iran from the Northwest and the city of Tabriz and continued through Ardabil, Astara, Rasht, Masal, Fouman to Tehran where we did some obligatory sightseeing and then continued down all the way to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm.
During this fantastic trip, we met hundreds of Iranians became friends with tens of them, ate some of the freshest and most incredible food at homestays and bed and breakfasts and saw some of the most striking landscapes. We went from the mountains to the forest to the desert to the valleys and islands and we had an incredible vacation. Thank you to Sadra and Hayahoo Tours for making it happen!

Kathryn P

Incredible Spring Trip to Iran

We traveled to Iran in the spring of 2016 on a group tour organized by Hayahoo Tours. The trip was an incredible exploration of Iranian history and culture. We traveled to so many different places in Iran but Yazd was definitely a highlight for me. We ate incredible food and met incredible people during our 20 or so days in Iran. Our guide was always surprising us with great stops that were not on the itinerary.
Hayahoo Tours was very helpful in handling the visa process and organizing a wonderful trip for us. The drivers and guides we worked with were all very professional and the hotels we stayed at were charming and fun. I highly recommend going to Iran for all Americans, and I thank Hayahoo Tours for giving me such wonderful memories. This is a photo of our young local guide in Hormuz, one of the tens of people in Iran that made our trip so special.

Donna M

Photos from Hayahoo Tours Iran Travelers:

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